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Registration Guidelines:

  • All Members must register via the Membership Registration.
  • Please make sure to pay your Membership fee before the deadline fee. If your payment is not received before the deadline date, the late fee will be automatically applied. Unpaid or partially paid registration will not be considered valid until fully paid.
  • Each Members will receive the email notification confirming the received payment.

Online Payment by Credit/Debit Card:

  • In case of rejected online credit/debit card payment, the delegate is recommended to log into the Online Registration Form and try to process the registration and the payment again. Should trouble with the payment persist, the participant is advised to contact the credit/debit card issuer/bank first and check if online transactions are not disabled on the credit/debit card. Afterward, the registration can be processed again.
  • Online Payments Service Providers: Razorpay Payments Private Limited
  • Accepted Credit/Debit Cards: VISA, MasterCard.
  • Payments are processed via Razorpay Payments Private Limited  (web pay) secure connection. It conforms to international standards and meets the strictest safety requirements of the MasterCard Secure Code and is Verified by VISA standards as defined by the MasterCard and VISA card associations. These standards are designated as 3D Secure, and they ensure maximum payment security.

(Please note that the final invoice will be provided to the participants only upon request, we will not send this document automatically. Please contact info@aris-international.org to ask for your receipt)

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