Keeping our promises of taking robot to the masses and to remotest corner of the country and to the global surgeons, ARIS is pleased to announce the Robotic surgery Fellowship Programme.

The clinical fellowship is to be known as “Fellowship in Advanced Robotic and Innovative Surgery (FARIS)”. The fellowship will be for a period of one year conducted through online and onsite curriculum. The onsite program will be conducted in various venues of choice by ARIS along with SRMC being one of the venues. The fellowship will be as per UGC guidelines and will be a recognised medical university degree with credit points.

All certified “Center of Excellence” hospitals will be eligible to run the clinical fellowship mentorship program. The course will be based on 4 modules as given in the algorithm.The eligible candidate will be doing an entire set of modules either as on-site or off-site model.

The course algorithm:

A. Certificate in Advanced Robotic & Innovative Surgery
CARIS will be a three month training course which involves Module 1 & 2. The candidates will take up the modules along with fellowship candidates. Scoring will be based on OSCE on 10 stations with a score of 100 marks. Candidate with 70% clearance will be allowed for convocation.

B. Certificate Course in Robotic Technology
Certificate course is introduced for robotic surgeons with previous fellowship degree or practising robotic surgeons or certified robotic surgeon wanting to avail more hands-on exposure. It will effectively carry out Module 2 with a certificate of technical andhands-on training from ARIS.

C. Clinical Robotic Mini-Fellowship / Clinical Observership
Mini fellowship is aimed at robotic surgeons who had completed their certificate course, but want to continue fellowship and also for certified robotic surgeons wanting to avail more clinical exposure. The mini fellowship will effectively carry Module 3 & Module 4 with a mini clinical fellowship certificate from ARIS. 

If the candidate already posses our robotic technology certificate from ARIS, then he or she will be eligible for fellowship degree once they complete the mini-fellowship.

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